Space Planning

Every space is unique.

Each room has a specific purpose and square footage which influences how the furniture should be laid out to achieve functionality.

Allow our team at Bewil to help you maximize the use of your space. With our trusted guidance to carefully design and plan your space, we will create exciting looks that catch the eye and encourage performance. 

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What You Need To Consider

When envisioning what you would like your space to look and reflect, the following should be considered: functionality, durability, balance performance and flow, versatility and its’ aesthetic appeal. 

We want you to be assured that you have made the right choice for your business future.

We are here to help! 


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With Bewil’s vast industry knowledge and experience, we help you overcome the many pitfalls clients would come across if they designed a space on their own. We keep it simple with one question to get us started. What are you looking to achieve in your space? We will handle the rest.

Where To Start?

Visit us at our showroom located at 5-7 Phillip Street, Port Of Spain Trinidad & Tobago or call us at (868)-624- 4206 

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