• Synopsis™ Medium Back Tilter (5091-4)

    A family of products with exceptional value and a transitional design defines Synopsis.

    • Features include a compound curved back for maximum comfort and double stitch detailing which highlights the upholstery.
    • Standard arms are height adjustable for all Multi-Tilters.
    • Multi-Tilters feature height adjustable (3B) arms. Tilters and coordinating side chairs feature fixed arms with SSU armpads.
    • Sliding seat depth adjustment is standard on Multi-Tilters and can be adjusted with a lever on the side of the chair.
    • Available in fabric, vinyl or leather. Base and frames are available in black only.

    Dimensions: W24.5 x D26.5 x H39.5 IN.

  • Spree Upholstered Medium Back Synchro-Tilter (6041)

    Spree, a completely natural movement.

    • Designed to fully support in multiple positions.
    • Side activated tilt-tension.
    • Spree offers a breathable mesh back option in a variety of colors.
    • Black nylon base is standard with optional polished aluminum base.

    Dimensions: W26 x D25 x H39 IN.

  • Granada® High Back 24HR Heavy Duty Multi-Tilter (TS3217)

    Granada is designed with contoured seats and front waterfall edges.

    • Features include lumbar back height and an infinite back angle adjustment.
    • Granada offers a wide selection of optional arms, many of which are adjustable in height, width or angle.
    • A variety of models are available including armchairs and drafting chairs for coordination throughout the office.
    • Multi-Tilter models are standard with seat slider (MD).
    • A Consumers Digest “Best Buy” pick.
    • Heavy Duty models (rated for multi-shift use for users weighing up to 350 lbs) are available in this series.

    Dimensions: W26 x D24.5 x H43 IN.

  • Triumph™ Medium Back Multi-Tilter (3651-3)

    Triumph offers active ergonomics in an Executive Task Chair with lumbar support that adjusts both horizontally and vertically.

    • Additional features include a seat depth adjustment to accommodate the length of your thighs.
    • Choose from two back heights that each offer an infinitely adjustable seat angle and a sliding seat depth adjustment.
    • Standard arms are height adjustable with an articulating armpad. Armcaps slide forward, rearward and inward.
    • Lumbar adjustment knob can be rotated horizontally or vertically to adjust both lumbar support and back height.
    • Triumph offers ultimate capabilities in ergonomic adjustments.
    • Frame is standard in polished aluminum with an arched aluminum base.
    • Polished aluminum back trim complements the aluminum finish and highlights the adjustable lumbar support.
    • Designed by Zooey Chu.

    Dimensions: W26 x D25 x H39.5 IN.

  • Vion™ Upholstered Medium Back Task Stool (6338-6)

    Vion – the creation of world renowned designer Zooey Chu.

    • Vion offers a clean transitional design, exceptional comfort adjustments and tremendous value.
    • Vion is a comprehensive seating series offering a family of models to address multiple applications: task, management, conference, guest, heavy duty 24-7 and drafting stools.
    • Series offers mid and high back models with mesh or upholstered backs.
    • Five different control mechanism options to suit all price points and ergonomic requirements. Synchro-Tilter with Back Angle Adjustment, Weight Sensing Synchro -Tilter, Multi-Tilter, Tilter and Task.
    • Mesh back models are available in a variety of colours.
    • Two featured arm options include height and width adjusting arms with sliding arm caps, and a stylish fixed urethane arm (C) for conference/management environments.
    • Optional adjustable lumbar pad is available (excluding guest chairs).

    Dimensions: W25.5 x D24 x H48 IN.

  • Granada® Deluxe Medium Back Multi-Tilter (1171-3)

    The popular features of Granada combined with a more contoured shape, slightly larger seat and back, heavily padded cushions and a modern arm pad design.

    • Designed with contoured seats and front waterfall edges.
    • Features include lumbar back height and an infinite back angle adjustment.
    • Offers a wide selection of optional arms, many of which are adjustable in height, width or angle.

    Dimensions: W26 x D23.5 x H42 IN.

  • Truform™ High Back 24HR Heavy Duty Multi-Tilter (TS5450-3)

    Truform is available with a wide range of mechanisms including synchro-tilters, knee-tilters, multi-tilters, tilters, operators, task chairs, drafting stools (with task mechanisms) and multi-tilters for heavy duty applications (TS models).

    • Standard with height adjustable “SC” arms, ratchet back height adjustment and arched injection molded base in black. An optional polished aluminum base is available at an upcharge.
    • Available in a variety of fabrics and most vinyls.
    • Heavy duty models are rated for multi-shift use for users weighing up to 350 lbs.

    Dimensions: W26 x D25 x H42 IN.

  • Roma™ Upholstered Medium Posture Back with Arms (1908)

    Designed to do it all, Roma is the perfect “everywhere” chair.

    • Choose from a variety of great mesh colors to make Roma your own! Available with matching color fabric options.
    • Four back styles, two arm options and your choice of fabric, vinyl or leather seat upholstery.
    • Roma offers a Flex Response Back Support – The polypropylene and upholstered posture back feature a flexible back construction that provides support, proper spinal alignment and comfort when moving or reaching from a seated position.
    • Arms and armcaps are constructed of durable fiberglass reinforced nylon, fixed height with a special coating that feels soft and warm to the touch.

    Dimensions: W25.5 x D23.5 x H36.25 IN.

  • Graphic™ Upholstered Posture Back (2739)

    A contemporary task series with three distinctive back styles.

    • Unique posture mechanism allows both the user and the chair back to pivot from the same point in a natural motion.
    • Designed by Zooey Chu.
    • The chair back is designed to pivot from a point directly below the users hips resulting in a natural, ergonomic motion. Available as a durable nylon shell, a fabric upholstered shell, or a leather upholstered shell.
    • The tilt-tension can be adjusted to balance the user’s body weight. The chair’s back can be locked in either an upright or reclined position. Seat and arm height are independently adjustable.
    • G4 arms are height and width adjustable with durable Self-Skinned Urethane (SSU) armcaps that slide forward and back.

    Dimensions: W25 x D24 x H36 IN.

  • Tye™ Low Back Task (1952-6)

    The Tye series offers tremendous value in air-flow mesh technology, as well as style with the standard black mesh/vinyl trim back design.

    • Tye’s family of options and comfort make it a continual favorite.

    Dimensions: W25 x D26 x H35 IN.

  • Loover™ Medium Back Task Stool (2663-6)

    Automatically the right tilt-tension for every user!

    • Mesh Back is available in wide selection of Vue mesh colors.
    • Loover seat can be fully upholstered in fabric, vinyl or leather.
    • A live lumbar support is incorporated into the back design which is height adjustable via a concealed ratchet system.
    • Side-activated sliding seat depth adjustment is standard on Multi-Tilters and Synchro-Tilters.
    • G5 lockable armcaps are height, depth and width adjustable to suit user preference.
    • Five-legged, injection-molded, fiberglass reinforced, Nylon “Governor” base. Available in polished aluminum finish.
    • Loover is equipped with Global’s high quality Soft Descent (TM) pneumatic lift which slowly and gently lowers the seat height of the chair making it easy to obtain the exact seat height desired.

    Dimensions: W25.5 x D25 x H39.5 IN.

  • Malaga® High Back 24HR Heavy Duty Multi-Tilter (TS3140-3)

    Malaga is the ideal seating choice for office environments where one chair series must accommodate a broad range of work activities. With a wide selection of models to select from, Malaga is a proven best seller.

    • A deeply sculpted molded foam seat provides extra comfort and a waterfall seat edge helps to relieve pressure from the legs.
    • Standard arms are height adjustable and include oversized, urethane, teardrop shaped armrests (TD).
    • Heavy Duty models (rated for multi-shift use for users weighing up to 350 lbs) are available in this series.

    Dimensions: W25 x D25 x H44 IN.

  • Yorkdale® Low Back Task Chair (2341-6)

    Cost effective, ergonomic task seating.

    • Adjustments include pneumatic seat height, seat tilt with infinite lock, back height and angle adjustments, tilt-tension control and width adjustable arms (on selected models).

    Dimensions: W24 x D23.5 x H38 IN.

  • Tritek® Ergo Select High Back 24HR Heavy Duty Multi-Tilter, Standard Seat (TS7482-3)

    Ergo Select… Choose the components and design the chair that is right for you.

    • Create “The Perfect Chair”.
    • A comprehensive ergonomic seating solution featuring three sizes of seats and backs. Tritek Ergo Select provides more choices than typical task seating so chairs that fit the size, shape, tasks and working preferences of office individuals can be specified while maintaining a uniform look throughout the office.
    • Designed to accommodate as many body sizes as possible by offering a choice of seat cushion sizes, a choice of backrest sizes to suit an individual’s tasks and a choice of mechanisms needed by the user to comfortably perform his or her tasks.
    • 24 hour/multi-shift models are also available.

    Dimensions: W25.5 x D25 x H41.5 IN.

  • ObusForme® High Back Multi Knee-Tilter, Lumbar Pad/Headrest (4470)

    Ergonomics is the study that addresses the interaction between humans and their activities.

    • ObusForme is an example of successful ergonomics, providing exceptional chiropractic support in the workplace.
    • Standard lumbar support, contoured seat and seat depth adjustment.

    Dimensions: W23.5 x D21.5 x H53 IN.

  • Echo™ High Back Multi-Tilter (3670-3)

    Ergonomic seating solution with adjustable features, allows individual users to customize the fit of the chair for their own body proportions.

    • All models standard with back/lumbar height and angle adjustment, seat height and depth adjustment, forward seat angle adjustment/lock, infinite angle chair tilt-lock, tension adjustment, and height and width adjustable arms.

    Dimensions: W26 x D26.5 x H50 IN.

  • Alero™ Mesh High Back Multi-Tilter, Adjustable Headrest (1960LM-3)

    Alero’s fully upholstered or breathable mesh back and visually sculptured lumbar adjustment create the perfect blend of comfort and design.

    • Many adjustable features and a choice of functional mechanisms ensure the chair will perform well.
    • Choose a sophisticated Multi-Tilter for computer-intensive activities or a tilter chair for casual offices or meeting rooms.
    • All chairs feature an adjustable lumbar support that allows the user to customize the comfort of the back.

    Dimensions: W25 x D24.5 x H48.5 IN.

  • ObusForme® Comfort Medium Back Knee-Tilter, Fabric (1241-2)

    A unique inner support system helps reduce back strain by guiding your back into a correct healthy posture.

    • The backrest continuously supports the natural lazy “S” curve of your spine.
    • Choose from knee-tilter, multi-tilter, operator, task chair, drafting operator chair, heavy duty 24/7 multi-tilter, amchair and side chair.
    • New elastomeric back suspension system for even and gentle back support.
    • Multi-Tilters are standard with sliding seat depth (MD).
    • Standard with height and width adjustable arms (G3) with “sliding armcaps” that articulate inwards 30 degrees.
    • Standard with a five legged, injection molded reinforced nylon black base. An optional polished aluminum base is available at an upcharge.
    • Heavy duty multi-tilter models are available, rated for users up to 350lbs.
    • Schukra™ adjustable lumbar support is standard on selected models.

    Dimensions: W26 x D25 x H44.5 IN.

  • Supersteno™ Operator Chair (1535)

    Offers comfortable seating for a variety of functions.

    • Generously padded, contoured seat and back.
    • Height adjustable back provides correct lumbar support.

    Dimensions: W24 x D21 x H35 IN.

  • Arti™ Upholstered High Back Synchro Knee-Tilter (6673-2)

    Arti’s high-tech design provides enhanced back support and allows the spine to move and flex freely.

    • The chair back articulates like a human spine allowing the chair back to reshape itself and mimic the user’s profile – automatically responding to body movements and sitting positions.
    • The back rest is linked together by internal steel cables and highly graded steel springs, which play a vital role in ensuring maximum strength and flexibility.
    • Arti’s frame and horizontal flexible wings are made with tough, highly engineered grade plastics.
    • Mesh back is available in a wide selection of standard mesh colors.
    • Backs are available in three versions, Mesh Back, Upholstered Back or Polypropylene Back.
    • 95% of each Arti chair can be easily recycled into future products.
    • Designed by Zooey Chu.

    Dimensions: W25.5 x D25 x H41.5 IN.

  • Programm® High Back Tilter (1386)

    Very affordable, versatile series designed to complete the full range of seating applications.

    Dimensions: W23.5 x D25 x H39 IN.

  • Supra X™ Medium Back Multi-Tilter (5336-3)

    Supra X is the perfect complement of affordable ergonomic task seating designed for contemporary appearance and comfort.

    • Famous seating designer Zooey Chu was commissioned to create the ultimate chair.
    • One that would stand up to the rigors of office use, but also offer exceptional comfort, value and style.
    • To do this he has incorporated many user adjustments that allow the chair to be custom-fitted for personal seating preferences and work functions.

    Dimensions: W26 x D26.5 x H37.5 IN.

  • Aspen™ Medium Back Multi-Tilter (2852LM-3)

    Aspen’s unique form-fitting back profile is the result of years of extensive design and testing to determine the optimum support for the widest possible range of users and body types.

    • The back can also be easily and quickly adjusted in height to provide full contact with the lumbar.
    • Aspen is a chair that not only “fits” at the beginning of your work day, but also at the end of the work day when you need it most.

    Dimensions: W25 x D24 x H37 IN.

  • Score® Low Back Posture Task, Armless (2315)

    The comfortable and affordable task model offers pneumatic seat height, back height and seat depth adjustments.

    • Posture task models offer both seat and back height angle adjustments.

    Dimensions: W20.5 x D22.5 x H36 IN.

  • Aurora™ High Back Tilter (1220-4)

    The Aurora series offers a great look and exceptional value in a complete family of task seating with three back heights to accommodate different body sizes.

    Dimensions: W25.5 x D25 x H45 IN.

  • Shadow® Extended High Back Synchro-Tilter (2710L)

    The ergonomic chair that “follows every move you make”.

    • A revolutionary concept for the 21st century workforce. The Shadow chair was created to actively flex in response to the user’s activity and encourage ongoing postural movement and small muscle activity throughout the entire work day. Your Shadow in motion.
    • The seat and back cushions are attached via specially engineered rubber mounts. This unique suspension system allows both the seat and back to gently flex and respond to changes in body positioning. When you move, so does your Shadow.
    • Shadow was designed to encourage constant movement, adjust automatically to match the body’s seated positions and support the body comfortably and properly.
    • Designed by Zooey Chu.

    Dimensions: W28 x D28 x H46 IN.

  • Azeo™ Posture Task Drafting Stool (2058-7)

    Azeo provides adjustable and flexible “active” lumbar support.

    • It can be adjusted to provide a varied intensity of lumbar support and will flex in response to the user’s body movements and requirements.
    • Azeo Leather – Soft, attractive leather upholstery with a sporty stitching detail also covers height adjustable sabre style arms.
    • Designed by Zooey Chu.

    Dimensions: W26 x D24.5 x H45.5 IN.

    Azeo Posture Task Drafting Stool (2058-7)
  • Sizzle™ High Back Tilter, Headrest (6496-4)

    Sizzle’s dramatically sweeping back curves and elasticized mesh fabric combine to provide exceptionally comfortable back support for all day use.

    • The stylish Sizzle series blends an ultra modern breathable mesh back design with a comfortably padded seat, high function arms and an adjustable headrest. All these features are available at an amazingly affordable price.

    Dimensions: W25 x D24.5 x H48.5 IN.

  • G20™ High Back Synchro-Tilter Mesh Chair (6008)

    G20 – the highest quality office seating created to bring harmony to form and function.

    • G20 is a synchronized tilter that adjusts to body weight automatically.
    • Advanced Ergonomics. Technically superb.
    • Wide sweeping cast aluminum lines with delicate edge details are carefully integrated with stylized nylon components to create a crisp, simple profile.
    • As the G20 back smoothly tilts, the synchronized mechanism allows the seat to gently recline and slide to the rear.
    • The G20 back mesh is composed of alternating vertical rows of clear elastomeric yarns and black polyester yarns.
    • Lumbar support is fully active and can be raised or lowered to suit user’s preference.
    • End result is a chair that is extremely comfortable and that will also appeal to design sensitive tastes.

    Dimensions: W25.5 x D23 x H41.5 IN.

  • Enterprise® High Back Multi-Tilter (4570-3)

    Enterprise offers gently sculpted seat and back cushions providing comfortable lateral and lumbar support.

    • Enterprise can accommodate a complete range of tasks in any work environment.
    • Stylish curved arms are molded black polypropylene.
    • All tilter models are standard with single position tilt-lock control and pneumatic seat height adjustment.

    Dimensions: W26.5 x D26.5 x H47 IN.