Sidewise™ is a compact casegoods workstation or collaborative hub suitable for one to three resident and non-resident workers in small enclaves. Sidewise comprises a worksurface and vertical storage positioned at the side of the workstation, turned 90 degrees from the worksurface and thus, requiring a minimum of space. Lounge-, desk- and counter-height worksurface configurations address a range of user needs and preferences for more dynamic workstyles.

Sidewise is a unique response to workplace needs for spaces in-between open settings and the traditional meeting room or private office. Today’s shift towards more open-plan environments with increased collective work means addressing the unique needs of smaller, less formal spaces. Consequently, the need arises for furniture designed specifically for the various solo and collective activities that these spaces support.

Sidewise comprises a concise set of elements – worksurface, storage and a technology bridge – that create a complete and unified workstation or collaborative hub. It offers singular advantages in the modern workplace where it’s important to do more with smaller spaces by constructing clever, scaled-down workstations that work for the individual, the team and the organization.

Sidewise is easy to plan with. It is built around a worksurface and storage unit that can be configured as a single- and double-sided workstation or group meeting space. Sidewise provides optimal function in less real estate, maximizing the use of horizontal and vertical space. The unique Recliner configuration brings another dimension to the workplace, serving users who seek a space to think, read or recharge.

Sidewise offers easy access to power and communications, supporting multiple users with power/data ports at the worksurface and auxiliary outlets below the worksurface for computers and lighting.