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In this day and age of business, customer service is fundamental to making and keeping clients happy. Bewil boasts a well educated staff that is capable and willing to find solutions to any problem that the client presents us with respect to office space or choice of office furniture. We are here to assist from the choice of colours to the installation of furniture. Don’t forget that our projects department can also assist with installation of vision panels if you want to see outside while working inside. We are equipped to handle your needs. Let Bewil be your company of choice.



Getting, having and maintaining proper information is important in trying to make a well informed decision. This is why Bewil is committed to making sure that every client gets as much customer knowledge as possible to make sure that when they finally make that choice.

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Purchasing furniture is a big deal and requires proper information to make an informed decision. Office furniture is even more precise as it is something that the person working in that environment sees everyday for roughly eight hours.

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It is important for every client to know that when deciding to make any purchase, having a checklist with the things that are needed helps to eliminate unnecessary purchasing. Having a firm grasp on what is needed and what budget you want to stay within, can also help to keep you on target.

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ergonomics basics

Proper support ensures proper alignment of the upper body, which includes the neck, shoulders and upper back. When these body parts are properly supported while performing tasks, the muscles are in the best position to aid breathing. If your lower back is not properly supported when seated, it either straightens or curves the wrong way.

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